NEUF for
50+ years

NEUF architect(e)s in 1980 - Desmarais Tornay Pilon Associés Architectes at the time
Founded in 1971 under the name Desmarais Tornay, NEUF architect(e)s is one of the largest architecture and design firm in Canada. 
Built on strong relationships that prioritize the success of its clients and 250 employees, the firm proudly established a portfolio of more than 7,500 projects. 

NEUF offices on the 32nd floor of the Telus tower ​​​​(photo circa 1961, source: Ville de Montréal)

NEUF architect(e)s Projects Map (2018)
Over the last few decades, NEUF has left its mark on flagship projects in modern Quebec, in addition to deploying its expertise in four continents.

everything is NEUF!

Now, technologies are shaping the day-to-day life and methods favored by NEUF. Proficiency of virtual reality, 3D printing, use of the precise BIM modeling process: each project is powered by the latest innovations.

3D printed Saint-Sauveur Spire, Le CHUM Project

Team Meeting at NEUF offices
The human aspect is at the heart of everything we do. NEUF laid its foundations since its early beginnings on customer relationship and collaboration, two values that are now deeply rooted in its DNA.

Privileged to count on some of the greatest talents of the industry, NEUF is simultaneously a place of innovation and learning that welcomes the next generation in architecture.