Le Solstice

Le Solstice 

Awards and distinctions DNA Paris Design Awards, LIV Hospitality, Grands Prix du Design, Prix Habitat Design  and more!

The 44 storeys of Le Solstice rise above the heart of downtown Montreal and the bustling Bell Centre neighbourhood. The Y-shaped columns at the base of the tower and its crowning with a series of steel frames make the project unique. Completed in 2024, it also stands out for the quality of its public spaces.

Montreal, QC
Residential, Architecture
Surface area
282,070 ft² / 26,205 m²
Completed (2024)

The tower, 147.5 m in height, sits atop a podium whose massing and materials blend with the surrounding context while establishing a human scale for the complex. The setback of the lower floors, combined with a colonnade along the frontage, provides a pedestrian arcade between Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal and Overdale street. This alley creates a link between the two neighbourhoods and enlivens the public domain. On the upper floors, common areas provide residents with a variety of shared services.​​​​​

Several works of art interspersed throughout the common areas contribute to the social and cultural value of the project. At the foot of the building, a sculpture by Vanessa Harden and David Gardener varies the ambient lighting according to the time of day or night. The lobby contains a chair by the designer Stéphane Leathead and mobiles by the ceramicist Pascale Girardin.

Photo Credit: Adrien Williams, Alex St-Jean

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