Performance Court at 150 Elgin

Performance Court at 150 Elgin 

Awards and distinctions LEED Gold and more!

Facing Ottawa’s City Hall, 150 Elgin is a 23-storey complex that includes a vast winter garden and two historic Elgin Street landmarks: the first Baptist Church of Ottawa, built in 1878, and the Grant House, a second-empire style heritage residence built in 1875.

These two buildings were carefully integrated into the build’s design, preserving much of the original structures. The winter garden mirrors the church’s interior volumes, creating a dialogue between old and new, and by setting the main building back from the street, the Grant House remains the site’s focal point.

Ottawa, ON
Offices, Architecture
Surface area
420,000 ft² / 39,000 m²
Completed (2014)
The office spaces are occupied by the Canadian Council for the Arts, Tourism Ottawa, and accounting firm KPMG, among others. The ground level includes a multimedia exhibition space that serves as a storefront for the Canadian Council for the Arts. 
A public terrace occupies the roof of the 7-storey winter garden building, offering a view of the complex and the surrounding neighborhood. Rated LEED Gold, the building uses 45% less energy than similarly sized projects, consumes less water, features better indoor air quality, and is easily accessible by public transit.

Photo credit : Alex St-Jean  

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