Rockcliffe Park Field House

Rockcliffe Park Field House 

Awards and distinctions Ottawa Urban Design Awards: Public Spaces & Civic Spaces, 2019 and more!

Committed to bringing the Ottawa Rockcliffe Hosers rink back to life, the project relied on the spirit of generosity and community support.

Ottawa, ON
Institutional, Architecture
Surface area
1,140 ft² / 106 m²
Completed (2019)
Linebox Studio

On the initiative of our long-time partner Claridge Homes, we set out to enable the Rockcliffe Park Fieldhouse Pavilion to offer its young hockey team - the Rockcliffe Hosers - a place to meet and practice their favorite sport. For this atypical project, the promoter called on the generosity of its community partners, so that all the professionals involved offered their services and/or materialswithout charge.

The pavilion is set up in a park, between a soccer field and two elementary schools. Designed in collaboration with Linebox Studio, it is characterized by its simplicity: a parallelepiped volume hosts a large communal area and a peripheral awning provides shelter to users during snowstorms!

The cedar wood casing refers to traditional chalets, while also maximizing its ecological benefits. Although not certified, the building surpasses the insulation thickness standard. Indoors, the use of wood furniture and ceilings warms up the look of exposed concrete.

Directly connected to the pavilion, the sports field changes its use with the seasons: from hockey rink in the winter to a basketball court in the summer. Even though it was primarily designed for the children in the neighborhood, the facilities will be used by the community for other sports and various cultural activities.

Crédit photo: Justin Van Leeuwen