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In 2021, Transat decided to adapt its office space to the new reality of hybrid work. To best meet its employees’ needs, our designers conducted a series of participatory workshops from which they carried out a pilot project on the 5th floor of the Place du Parc Tower in downtown Montreal.
Montreal, QC
Offices, Interior Design
Surface area
15,000 ft² / 1,394 m²
Completed (2022)
Our designers considered employees’ daily tasks for the organizational reconfiguring of the spaces, which no longer include allocated offices. The challenge was to make the premises appealing by fostering social interactions and a sense of ownership among employees. The new open-plan layout creates a non-hierarchical working environment, and acts as a generational bridge. The corners of the office open onto Parc Avenue, allowing access to natural light for all users. The dining area provides a large space for gatherings in a setting that is open to the city and the mountain.

Circulation paths are laid out according to the concept of floating above clouds; a metaphor that appeals to the slowed—down state in which we find ourselves when in transit between two zones. This feeling is stimulated by the layout of fluid circulation, the choice of materials, and the use of curved lines. This circulation pathway comprises a trail marked on the floor, as well as on the ceiling through the use of light fixtures. Integrated into the wayfinding is an adhesive vinyl treatment which refers to the first destination Air Transat served in 1987: Acapulco.

Sustainable strategies include furniture sourced from local manufacturers and distributors, reducing the carbon footprint by revitalizing existing spaces, facilitating employees’ access to the premises via the use of active transport networks due to the central location, maximizing access to natural light and emphasizing views of the surrounding landscape by opening up corners.  A sign of the project's success, the excellent attendance rate at the new offices has led Transat to consider expanding the concept across the other floors of the tower.

Photo credit: Ulysse Lemerise

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