Le Sherbrooke

Le Sherbrooke 

Awards and distinctions Grands Prix du Design 2023 and more!
Le Sherbrooke is located in the heart of the Golden Square Mile, a historic district of Montreal’s city centre known for its built and cultural heritage and high concentration of boutiques, restaurants, and museums. Planned for delivery in 2025, the project will contribute to the revitalization of the neighbourhood. It is expected to attract several hundred Montrealers to the downtown area.
Montreal, QC
Residential, Architecture
Surface area
491,050 ft² / 45,620 m²
Lemay_id (Interior Design)

The residential complex is positioned along Sherbrooke Street, one of the city’s most beautiful and busiest streets. It fits into the urban fabric in a way that extends and better defines its major axes. Built as an infill on a vacant lot, it is configured as two volumes of different heights with the main structure located towards the back of the plot. This setback frees up an interior courtyard accessible via a ‘porte cochère’.

The main massing is divided into three towers of 25 storeys each, respecting the scale of the surrounding context. The facade echoes the rhythm of windows and materials found in the neighbourhood, with a contemporary interpretation. A cladding of precast concrete with granite and Migny limestone highlights the grey stone of the surrounding heritage buildings, including the Medical Arts Building and the Beaux-Arts style residence Le Linton. The high proportion of glazing imparts a lighter silhouette to the buildings.

The second volume stretches along the public way and respects the proportions of the existing structures adjoining the project, including the former Cartier jewelry store and the Béatrice restaurant, which are also renovated by our team in collaboration with a heritage committee. The courtyard behind this volume is landscaped with a combination of mineral features and vegetation. The courtyard’s focal point is a sculpted fountain, reflecting the district’s artistic vocation.

Photo credit : Alex St-Jean

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